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What exactly occurs during the BOT model's Build operate transfer Stage?
Let's move to the Operational stage after we've finished talking about the Build stage. What exactly is it, and how can one go about tackling it in the most effective manner?

It's possible to characterise the Build operate transfer stage as the beating heart of the Build Operate Transfer engagement paradigm. This is the stage of the partnership where the most important work is done, and it is also the most important stage overall.
Therefore, what kinds of activities are included in this stage?

Increasing the size of the crew if and when it's required
Implementation of a process to guarantee the technical capabilities of the group and the level of commercial development achieved by the project

It is possible that towards the conclusion of this period, the main programmers & team leaders will be transferred into the firm of the partner.
Advantages of progressing to the Build operate transfer stage


As is the situation with BOT mentoring program in general, one of the most evident benefits of moving on to the Build operate transfer stage is the ability to save money. If you choose this strategy, you won't be affected by any shifts in the market, and you'll have the freedom to experiment and try out new ideas for your projects. Even if they don't evolve into a full-fledged service or product the risk is obviously smaller than if you had to create them by yourself with the assistance of an external partner. This is because the external partner is providing feedback and expertise.


In the Build operate transfer phase, you have the flexibility to swiftly adjust the number of collaborators, which is useful if you need to quickly add new people to your team or reduce the size of it. As a result of the fact that they are hired by your business associate, they are also capable of handling the paperwork and, if necessary, transfer it to other projects, whether they are internal or external. In the event that your business enters the growth period and you require additional individuals working on it, your partner will also assist you in finding perfect personnel.


Having an outside partner isn't only about rapidly expanding your workforce; there are other benefits as well. One of the most significant benefits of BOT partnership model, which is not frequently spoken out, is that it provides access to the knowledge base, which is one of the most valuable assets that a business may own. Companies that use this business model typically engage seasoned experts who contribute their individual set of talents and areas of expertise to the projects they work on. Because of this, the amount of time it will take you to get your product onto the market will be significantly reduced if you choose to work with BOT.


One of the advantages of working with a partner on a Build operate transfer project is that it enables you to make use of the expertise that the other party already possesses, which I've already highlighted. One other facet of this is that they will assist you in selecting the appropriate technology for the goals that you are attempting to accomplish with it. Your external companion will be capable of deciding on the precise tools, including hardware and software, that are not just ideal for creating your project but also currently utilized as a benchmark in the industry as well as domain you're planning to enter. This is the case even if you do not have an IT or technology squad of your own.

Who will be responsible for the Build operate transfer phase?

It should come as no surprise that before you can go on to the Build operate transfer stage, you must first complete the Build stage. Let's pretend that you've already finished it, and that the next step is to dive into the specifics of it. You can utilize this phase to swiftly produce a solution that is ready to use, or you can use it to master the mechanics and nuances of product & project management, depending just on maturity level of your organisation. Either or all of these choices are realisable with the assistance of your external partner.

How it really Build operate transfers when put into use

Over the course of the previous few years, Spyrosoft has successfully implemented the BOT implementation approach with a variety of clients. During the phase, our normal practise is to run teams again for customer as well as for development of their product or service. It is essential to keep in mind that this particular stage of the procedure might last anywhere between one and two years in order to guarantee the project's high level of quality. In our situation, we always provide our partner the option of deciding when they wish to take full control of the project and the team on their own; hence, the precise schedule is contingent upon the requirements and capabilities of that partner.

Wrapping up

The Build operate transfer stage is the phase that lasts the longest, and in order to work out the specifics of the cooperation, you need to have communication that is both explicit and regular on both sides. You will reach the level of stability and maturity required for the project when you go to the next and last stage, which is called Transfer. In the following instalment of this blog series, I will describe what it is and walk you through the steps necessary to complete it.
Are you having any inquiries on the operation of one of the BOT phases in more specific detail? Would you want to learn more about the ways in which they may assist your project? Send me a message on LinkedIn and we can talk some more about it there.