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What’s wrong with Polos?

Polos are appropriate in certain situations. Most bar situations, not so much. It’s very much freshman in college attire when you look at the whole outfit he described. It’s just like board shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals aren’t really good bar attire in most areas, but locally, because I live right near the beach, it’s not only acceptable, but oftentimes the most appropriate for picking up the girls locally. It’s an exception to the rule. He just stated a generalization. Generally, it’s true.

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Young Hunter
There is some value in finding fault with every girl, just not in that context. Can help a man if he’s having trouble maintaining his inner frame. Just a bandaid fix though.

There’s a lot of value in looking for every fault in a girl when you’re real drunk. Don’t go hogging by “accident” with the excuse of being drunk.

Young Hunter
Hah, well yes, that’s true as well. Once you become indoctrinated to the manosphere to a certain extent it becomes all too easy to see their flaws regardless of your level of intoxication.

if you want to find a flaw in a girl, look at her weird elbow skin, all wrinkled and dry.

or look at her nostrils.

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