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And maybe the reason I need a dominant alpha male is because I'm a sexually submissive alpha female. (Not that I'm alone in that; this whole website is geared towards the strong female who's in search of an even stronger alpha male.)

- Dee

by DeeMarie on 2004 Oct 21 - 09:10 | reply to this comment
Dominant with one, submissive with another
What I find slightly disconcerting about your comment is that you seem to feel that it is quite all right for a man to be cheating on his wife or partner with another woman in order to get to play a submissive role.

Most of the people on this website, as far as I can judge, are either in exclusive relationships themselves, or hope to be. I don't know if there are many women here who would be happy for their husband or partner to be seeing another woman in order to fulfill his submissive inclinations, if any, but I am certainly not one of them.

I mean, I've no objection to my husband, for instance, ogling women's beach volleyball players, that's perfectly understandable, I do a certain amount of ogling myself, but that's different from him actually wanting to do something of an intimate nature with another woman. That I would not be happy about!

It may all be a sexy game, but it's not a game I'd want my husband playing with anyone else.

by Louise C on 2004 Oct 21 - 12:43 | reply to this comment
Exclusivity, honesty, and secret submissive tendencies
Louise, not everyone is in an exclusive relationship and people define exclusivity in their own ways. I don't have sex with anyone else but my husband and I cyber with others, and we play with others at spanking parties. That's our definition of exclusive, your mileage may vary. It is only cheating when it is done in secret.